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Bride told husband she had shocked for him on day of death Sodium lake city no.3 ranked Westminster College jumped ahead early instead of looked back in beating Rocky Mountain College 87 41 on ThursdaMCC signs Wyoming standoutMSUB baseball picked thirdPoll position:Some 8 no.1s settle atop AP pollsSports GuideScoreboard:A simple sportsdr. Graham and 25 yr old Air Jordan 14 cody johnson were married just eight days before he died after being pushed off a cliff in glacier national park.Graham admits pressuring her husband, but says it came in respond to johnson grabbing her arm during an argument. Federal prosecutors maintain that graham planned the murder and actively pushed her husband headfirst off a cliff along the loop trail. On friday, prosecutors showed the jury a life insurance plan for johnson that was taken out by his parents when he was just four months old.His aunt, sherry manley, said she didn’t know if graham knew about a policy. She also told the court that she attempt to console graham during a prayer service for her son.She said graham was kneeling when she got into contact with her. “I put my arm around her and said each will be ok, johnson’s girlfriend said tearfully. “Cody’s with christ now, Graham didn’t calm down, she talked about. Also testifyingwednesday day of the week was graham’s stepfather, stephen rutledge, who said he spoke with johnson on the evening of the young man’s death. Rutledge said he asked if johnson was going kayaking on tomorrow, and his son jordans shoes for women in law said no because graham had told him that she had a astonishment for him. Eddie alberto colon also testified sunday morning, nevertheless johnson declined to go golfing that day, telling colon that graham had a surprise to anyone in store for him. Later in a new day, after saw one another at a church service, rutledge said he inquired on the surprise and johnson said he still didn’t know what it was.Colon said johnson looked dejected when he said he didn’t know very the surprise was. That was a lot more time they saw johnson alive.Center court in missoula is in its third day. There wereno witnesses to what actually transpired the night of july 7. Andy nelson, graham’s federal public defensive player, has said johnson’s death was a tragic accident that occurred after she had finally worked up the nerve approach johnson about her grave doubts about their marriage.When he nabbed her arm, she pushed him to eradicate his hand, the lawyer or attorney said. Graham did n’t need to report the accident because she was afraid, and in her own naivete, developed an implausible story, the criminal attorney said. She told slightly different versions to people about how johnson had left that night with friends graham would never know, her friend kimberly martinez and police said in the courtroom tuesday. “I was trying to give jordan the good the doubt, but things weren’t including for me, martinez thought.

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